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Ganja Flower

We stock only the best organic exotic cannabis strains from indicas, sativas and hybrids with the best range of flavors from O.G., kush, glue, cookies, diesel, gelato, cake and specialty exotics like runtz and zaza at fair prices and quality that keeps our medical patients and recreational clients satisfied.


We carry a full line of potent flavorful dabs like shatter, budder, sauce, diamonds, crumble & live resin properly formulated to bring out the natural terpenes that enhance the taste and effects of these THC products for maximum medicinal benefit. this also includes our full line of THC vape cartridges.


Our line of THC edibles and baked cannabis goods from cookies, cakes, krispy treats, chips, cheese doodles, drinks, flavored syrups and assortment of gummies from sweet to sour are properly dosed and carefully crafted to provide our members with guaranteed potency in each bite.

Dope Merch

We also carry an assortment of stylsh Good Good branded merchandise such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, grinders and rolling trays as well as high quality bongs, pipes and cannabis related accessories at discount prices. Please be sure to check out all of our dope merch today!


Keep on top of what’s trending at Good Good Ganja by joining as an exclusive collective club member and enjoy the high quality lifestyle brand that embraces the creative cannabis culture that defines California. We are in the community and actively involved to support, embrace and uplift diverse individuals, businesses and organizations that push to expand our freedoms and unite us as Americans of all races, nationalities, genders and faiths while sharing our love of cannabis and the undeniable tranquility, spirituality and creativity it bestows upon those of us who partake in the daily consumption of this miraculous plant from God.

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 Organic Medical Cannabis for   Good Healing & Good Happiness

Cannabis is a miraculous plant that has been used since biblical times to heal many ailments or symptoms naturally from cancer, glaucoma and other health related issues as well as provide nourishment and beautification in the form of protein and healthy fats extracted from the oils that have been used in many beneficial ways to date and from ancient times including the anointing of Jesus.

At Good Good Ganja we embrace a healthy lifestyle where cannabis is a part of daily life, and while marijuana based products are safe and no known deaths directly are on record worldwide, we do urge responsible consumption and proper dosing to avoid any negative side effects such as anxiety that can occur in some individuals when ingesting too much too fast.

Aside from its proven healing benefits, cannabis flower, edibles and THC concentrates are enjoyable for relaxation, creativity and overall happiness. Our internal cannabinoid receptors yearn for and utilize this plant to regulate many chemical processes in our bodies that induce feelings of euphoria, joy and pleasure which reduces stress to increase happiness. 

Only The Freshest Cannabis Products

At Good Good Ganja Shop we always keep a heavy rotation of the most popular and potent exotic organic cannabis strains, marijuana edibles and THC concentrates to keep our medical collective cannabis patients interested and excited to shop with us again and again. Our partnerships with cannabis growers and product manufacturers ensurers we have a wide selection available reasonably priced so our cannabis products move quickly ensuring every order that you receive from Good Good Ganja is fresh, guaranteed! 



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I have ordered from Good Good 3 times and so far so good. I’m an edibles girl and theirs are dosed just how I like them.
Christina T.

Good Good makes it to all my studio sessions right on time. I love their OG strains the best and them dabs was on point frfr.
Michael in L.A.

Super pleased with everything I ordered from you guys and your prices are definitely worth what I get for my money.

Thanks to all my people at Good Good who make sure I get fresh bud delivered when I need it. Great prices – Fast service
Tamara H.


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